Monday, June 07, 2004

The Post-Cook Era

Step One in making the scandal go away: Keith Cook has resigned as chairman of the Orange County school board.

Won't it be the ultimate irony if Cook's collosal error in plagiarizing a commencement speech ends up being a catalist for bringing the Orange County school board to a position of unity? The community is furious for the embarassment over this incident. It seems likely that to a person, all school board members have taken Cook to the woodshed.

Maybe the sheer shock of it will send them all into the coming year with a fresh sense of appreciation for their differences ... it's only politics, after all. Differences can mean the strength of broad representation and a common standard of conduct and value can bring any group together. If Sept. 11 taught us anything, it was that our most common values are as near to the surface as we need them to be.

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