Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Politics of a Pancake

Recent guests on Shooting the Breeze included E.J. & Steve Manton, the dynamic duo who held the pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. A dinner conversation became a committee which quickly resulted in a grassroots fundraiser raking in $47,500.

Now that's a number.

Rounding out their team were:
Tom Henkel, Michael and Sheila Cory, Arlene and Bernie Goodman, Carol and Nortin Hadler, Marilyn and Don Hartman, Alice Joyce, Barry Katz, Judy Marks, Ann Rauchback, Edie Salmony, Rosemary Waldorf, Andrea Woosley and Bill and Jan Zellman

The event was held at Mama Dip's Kitchen, featured music by the All-Stars, whose performance was donated. Nice work folks.

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