Wednesday, February 02, 2005

SROs should be county/state budget item

This morning's Chapel Hill (Paxton-$un) Herald editorial position is that School Resource Officers should be paid for by the schools (as opposed to the county or the state) because "the work they do is determined by the schools and is for the schools."


They work within the chain of command in their respective law enforcement units. The fact that they coordinate their protective services with the population they are working with is no different than a beat cop working with the Chapel Hill Herald on Mallette Street. If the staff has heard about possible vandalism directed at the Herald, they work with the police to drive by a little more often, they tell them about special activities on the weekends -- they work together to prevent crime.

These cops aren't security guards. They're cops. They protect a specialized population, so they have special training, but they are cops, period. Funding the police is the entire community's responsibility and the Town of Chapel Hill in particular should hang its head in shame for running away from this important need for the safety of students AND STAFF in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School district.


Anonymous said...

God, you are so ridiculous. Do Herald-Sun employees have to get fired for you to care about them? The people whose work you've been criticizing for the past few weeks have all been employees of The Herald-Sun for years. Some for decades. What is wrong with you? Why are you attacking them? What a jerk.

Jean Bolduc said...

I'm attacking their editorial position, not the staff. Go to journalism school. Learn the difference.