Friday, March 04, 2005

Desperate Times

Oh, my goodness.

In today's Chapel Hill Herald is among the most bizarre house ads I've ever seen. It features the submission deadlines for display advertising. Oh, the stink of having nothing to say.

It's not like they ever ran ANY house ads to support columnists ... oh, no. Not since Mike Peterson and his successor, Gaspo. They've run some stuff for John McCann, but lately, you wouldn't even know that there was any local voice in the paper at all. Local-shmokal. We should have noticed that Paxton Media has AX right there in plain sight.

C'mon ... the writing's on the wall. They're going to dump the Chapel Hill edition and focus on making the Durham paper profitable as some kind of a niche publication. Even the Independent thinks that recent layoffs of pressmen means they may kill the CHH. Meanwhile, the N&O will open its new Orange County bureau headed up by Mark Schultz, formerly the Editor of the CHH. It's back to the future. Hope this one has a happy ending ... somehow.


Anonymous said...

Jean, you look pretty foolish considering the considerable lengths Paxton is going to in making The Chapel Hill Herald a better, more independent paper instead of just a section of the H-S.

And, by the way, the H-S has run house ads for all of its columnists in the past several years. That would have been impossible at the CHH back when there were 87 of y'all. Now there are a more reasonable number, so maybe they'll be able to do it.

When are you going to get over losing your little hobby? It's been months. Medication and therapy may help.

Jean Bolduc said...

Well, where to begin ... The claim of the H-S running house ads "for all of its columnists in the past several years" is utter bullshit.

As for efforts to make the CHH a better, more independent paper ... that's a matter of opinion. I have always said that my gripe was the lack of local voice in the paper. My complaint continues.

And as for the pinhead who continues to drop by and post personal insult onto my blog ... it is you, dear, who is having trouble letting go.