Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A friend in Kneed

Oy. The month of July, now mercifully over, did not treat me well.

A minor knee injury became a worse injury, then was revealed to be more a chronic problem (cartilage loss on the back of the patella ... all loose in the joint resulting in pain, locking, etc). Finally virtually unable to walk on it, I had a scope procedure last week whose results are yet unclear. And during my recovery (plenty of time to surf and learn) I'm finding that this is at best a short term solution.

So, oh crap, perhaps another re-alignment or other open joint surgery to fix the underlying problem. I went through all of this in '76 and '78 and thought that was the end of it ... endured in my youth. Next week, my son has the second of his two re-alignments this year. It's a LONG, painful recovery. I'm still astonished at how exhausting this minor procedure has been.

Well, I'll have to make more use of the old laptop and return to the blogosphere. And being stranded with daytime TV ... oy! So now that Bush is in Crawford we can all settle in for a midsummernight's dream, right?


jw said...

Ouch! It's only a "minor" procedure when it's happening to someone else. When someone says, "There's nothing to it. My brother-in-law had it and it was easy," you can be sure that a) they hate their brother-in-law; and b) there IS something to it. AND their brother-in-law is a liar.

I did shoulder surgery last year. The big difference is that the shoulder is NOT weight bearing. I couldn't imagine having to WALK on the area affected!

Hang in there. A word of caution from the experienced -- DON'T watch CourtTv. It is amazing how reasonably intelligent people can get sucked into that crap!

Oh, and those new, little toothbrushy things that you slip over your fingers are GREAT to keep bedside!

Anonymous said...
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