Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Long time, no write

Yeah, I guess it's just too depressing. Too hard to watch. Too real. Too scary.

The Bush Administration.

Torturing people while indignantly fist-banging and declaring "We don't torture."
We know Saddam has had WMD (right ... we have the receipts from selling the stuff to him)... Official.
"The British Government has learned ..."
See ... that's the one that always got me. In the news business, when you have a source that you can't attribute, your story is weaker, so you say "NBC News has learned ..." making it sound institutionalized ... official.

And now comes the revelation that a justice department attorney had himself waterboarded so that he could produce a finding on whether or not it's torture. And despite all the safety protocols and all the control over the situation he had, Daniel Levin said, yep, it is. He thought he was gonna drown.

And his boss, AG Gonzales still said it was NOT torture and Bush continued his two-step.
And the media somehow doesn't see fit to shut down the Bush administration over this the way they shut down the Clinton administration over illicit sex between consenting adults.

Sorry -- that blows.

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