Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Regular People"

Yeah, I realize that I'm just one citizen, just one tiny voice in the vapor, but I'm gonna say this ... I wish upon a star that the Federal government would return to regulating those things that used to protect us from outright piracy.

Recall one of the great pilot episode in all of television comedy -- that of The Cosby Show, wherein Cliff is trying to explain to his son, Theo, that he needs to work harder in school. Theo pushes back and says that that fact that his father is a doctor and his mother a lawyer doesn't mean he must go to college. He might be a bus driver, he says, and therefore won't need to go to college. He might be among "Regular People."

Cliff Huxtable then uses Theo's Monopoly game's play money to show Theo the most important lesson in the whole scene - after setting a salary amount for Theo, he grabs a third of it back and says, "The government comes for the regular people first."

And the audience applauds.

What I want to see if the government pausing from corporate rescue for just a minute to reinstate the maximum consumer lending rate to 18% ... like it used to be before Reagan "deregulated" it to being without cap. Now, you can pay 30% and more on a credit card ... ensuring that once you have a substantial balance, you'll virtually never pay it off.

These aren't loan sharks using these rates ... it's Sears, JC Penney and Wal-Mart. And they are screwing American families, starting with the "Regular People."

Barack, Joe ... are you listening? Can you make this happen? Can you rescue the Regular People?

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Eric Benjamin Gordon said...

Mr. Obama and Mr. Byden are the ones trying the hardest to rescue the regular people. The ones who are trying to crush them are Republicans and Tea Party members like John McCain, John Boehner, Glenn Beck, Mitch McConnell and that ultimate death threat, Sarah Palin - not to mention the recently-elected congress woman to New York District 19, Dr. Nan Hayworth. People like them are the real reason why the Bush era tax cuts are being extended to everybody and the national deficit will only go up.