Monday, June 22, 2015

The Scar of American Slavery

I have bad knees. Because of this I've had a lot of knee surgery which has led to scars.
Without a doubt, each time my knees were better after the procedure, but one of the surgeries was to remove scar tissue from the previous procedure.
Sometimes in the healing process, the body overcorrects, creating too much scar tissue and that's a problem in itself.
In healing our uniquely American wound from slavery's assault, our scar tissue of political correctness may be obscuring our view of today's real problem: white supremacy, white privilege and the hardwired sense of entitlement that white citizens seem to possess.
In deflecting this, white conservatives project criticisms of entitlement onto the African-American community with talk of a welfare state and laziness. Centuries-old racist arguments demonstrate clearly the lack of intellectual work on the problem. In fact, an outright rejection of there being a problem. So many believe that if they didn't personally enslave anyone, they're not in this problem.
There's no denying that all Caucasian Americans have benefitted from their accident of birth. We're less likely to be incarcerated. We live longer. We live better. And we're simply more free. All because we were born with this skin color.
And that's wrong.
Until and unless Caucasians reject these structures of unfairness in our justice system, our politics, our schools and our hearts, the poison of white supremacy will continue its attack on America's collective body.

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