Tuesday, May 24, 2005

San Francisco dispatch

Weather's perfect. Food's outrageously good. What all this I hear about fog? What fog?

Dinner last night at John's Grill with hubby's biz associates was unexpectedly way-gone fun. We met up with Mr. & Mrs. Actuary (We are Mr. & Mrs. Underwriter) and talked about cars, kids, movies, Internet and wine.

Bring more wine.

Waiter, we're out of wine.

Apparently our hitting it off was conspicuous to the rest of the dinner's group. I worry that we weren't engaged with everyone else (all really nice folks, too). But then again, the sound level in these situations is often so much that you'd only be looking at moving lips and smiling faces. You nod, you think you agree. You may have just laughed at an unfunny joke about your boss -- you don't really know.

When are there going to be restaurants that offer "quiet zones" for those of us with mild hearing loss?

Fun to go to a city far from home and meet people who feel so familiar. Do you have tales like that?

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Bob Hardin said...

Yes, it has happend to us (Mr. and Mrs. Actuary) several times. This is what I think the two prerequisites are:

1) All of the folks must be willing to find a good balance between being interested in the others and being willing to talk about themselves. Not too self-centered but not too shy either.

2) Have interests. I am afraid this means watch very little TV. Do something else -- several something elses. Then there will be overlap and good feelings can and will develop.

Mr. Actuary

PS I hate writing without a spell checker!