Monday, June 06, 2005

Where's Michael?

Watching the "Verdict Watch" coverage of the California freak show (the Michael Jackson Trial) and now the twist comes. Michael's father, Joe Jackson, appears at the courthouse demanding, "Where is my son?"

While everyone on Court Tv is asking why they're so bizarre, I'm asking, why can't you see that he's skipped? Joe Jackson certainly knows damn well that Michael is supposed to be at Neverland awaiting the verdict, but I wonder why they're not asking ... when's the last time MJ was actually seen by anyone? Last Friday when it went to the jury?

There are reports (by Jackson's spokespersons) that he was seen at an ER for back pain, but no pictures of him going to a hospital. He could have left California on Friday.

Come on ... he's skipped the country, right?


Anonymous said...

Joe Jackson I probably asking where his son is thinking about the "Off the Wall," Michael, rather than this whiny, skinny boy passing himself off as the King of Pop! I want to know if the REAL Michael Jackson is off hiding somewhere with his millions.


Jean Bolduc said...

Apparently Joe just freaked out when they sent all the SUVs out to be washed ... don't they have a hose and some soap?

It would seem that it didn't occur to JJ to call MJ on the cell phone. Maybe he doesn't have his number.