Friday, June 10, 2005

Why isn't this woman under arrest?

Say what you want about Michael Jackson's perverse proclivities, the fact is he would have a much harder time if it weren't for the many people who have been so helpful to feeding his various diseases (drug/alcohol dependencies, too).

Case in point: this private flight attendent who explains that when MJ began to explain that he like his wine to be served in a Diet Coke can, she interrupted him ... "Say no more," she said. "I know all about it."

And I suppose that when he served some of that to a kid, which he could then do in plain view, she would claim to know nothing about it? Why in the world is she not under arrest for facilitating this delivery of alcohol to a minor?

Like Elvis, no one can cay no to Michael. All of these twisted parasites will stop at the prison gate in their service to their master, however. How dispicably pathetic.

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