Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More old taxes

Regretably, Catherine DeVine's denial of owing old taxes (2000 and 2001) to Orange County are false. She does owe them, according to Jo Roberson, Director or Orange County's Revenue Department. When I corresponded directly with Catherine, she said she was suprised that I "would rely on such an unreliable source" (the County's online records). "Those taxes are paid," she declared.

Well, they're not paid. According to Roberson, there is a payment plan now in place to resolve the debt (with interest) but the fact is that this alderman candidate owes the county money that was due five years ago.

So, there are two problems here. First is a candidate for public office with years-old unpaid taxes who hopes to be spending the people's money. That part is up the the people of Carrboro to resolve for themselves.

The second, however, is her response to the information itself ... declaring, falsely, that the taxes were paid and impugning the tax office's recordkeeping to boot. I have some experience with the Orange County tax office, both as a taxpayer and as a reporter. I have always found their staff to be helpful, knowledgeable completely professional. Our Revenue Department is rated as among the best in this state. I don't appreciate Catherine's describing the office or its online records as "such an unreliable source."

It seems to me that beyond the money, Catherine DeVine owes the people of Carrboro and the county taxpayers an explanation.


Anonymous said...

From the Chapel Hill News police blotter (the clipping doesn't show the year, but since the paper comes out on Sun and Weds, it must be from the Sun Jun 9 2002, Sun Jun 8 2003, or Sun Jun 6 2004 paper):

"Catherine Devine Grimball, 51, of 506 Oak Ave, was charged on June 5 with writing a worthless check. She was released on a written promise."

Catherine does seem to have a problem managing her finances.

Jean Bolduc said...

She's 53 now, so it was likely two years ago. Don't know where her birthday falls into this, so it might be a year off of that.

Like most people, I've bounced a check or two, but I think that to get charged, you must have totally skipped on it. Yikes.

Jean Bolduc said...

By the way, my search of the N&O archive isn't finding this item. Is this a paper clipping?

Jean Bolduc said...

Correction: A search on "police blotter Catherine Devine" brings up an item from June 8, 2003. I can't get to the whole item, but the coincidence would be unlikely.

I hadn't specified "police blotter" in my previous search.

Jean Bolduc said...

The arrest is verified with Carrboro P.D. Don't know how the case ended up. Perhaps "Anonymous" can shed some light?

Jean Bolduc said...

From the Carrboro PD, the facts are these:

1/31/03 -- served a summons for misd. worthless check -- warrant date of 1/14/03 -- complainant was Katherine Heckman, Mailboxes, Etc. --trial date set for 3/6/03

4/15/03 -- arrested for order for arrest reference simple worthless
check -- warrant date of 4/3/03 -- complainant was Deputy Clerk of
Superior Court -- trial date set for 4/17/03 -- released on $150 cash bond

6/5/03 -- served a summons for misd. Worthless check -- warrant date of 5/29/03 -- complainant was Donna Davis, Lowes Food -- trial date set for 6/25/03

Still don't know the final outcome.