Friday, September 02, 2005

A word about "Naysaying"

It has already begun, of course. If you're criticizing the Bush Administration, then you're just throwing rocks and this "won't help the victims in New Orleans."

Bullshit. Scream, yell, curse and if at all possible, do it in front of a TV camera. That is probably the ONLY thing that has or will save the 25,000 at the New Orleans Convention Center. Speak out. Be loud.

Don't think that's necessary? Well, if you were too poor or too sick (or both) to evacuate New Orleans and now you're stuck there, it's pretty much your fault, according to FEMA head Michael Brown, who says that relief efforts are going very well.


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jw said...

Fortunately there are lots of like-minded folks out there who are not only SAYING it, but doing it. My workplace is matching employee donations. Still, although I know that for every evil act that takes place, there are hundreds of good folks, I'm still heartsick about our inhumanity.

Anyway, I know you know about lots of other bloggers, but take a look at these: