Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day

Twelve years ago, I stood in the cold and the mud and listened to a new president describing how the baby boomers would "force the spring." At the time, Americans were anxious about deepening debt (now referred to as "the good old days") and unemployment at the same time we needed to invest in the infrastructure of education.

If you've never been to an inauguration, I recommend that you do it when you're young enough to withstand the physical challenge and old enough to take in the historical meaning. When we transfer power from one president to another and (especially) one party to another, it's a compelling event. This year is more ho-hum in that regard.

For a moment, I will stop joking by calling today "Black Thursday" and wish our president the best. I wish we could be more alike than we are divided, but perhaps Bush II, part 2 will look toward the history books and lurch toward the political center. Read Bush's speech - it's a decent call to action. See also MSNBC's citizen journalism page for some accounts of the event.

Let's hope ... at least until we know better.

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