Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Paxton-$un, committed to ... ???

When half the front page of the Herald-Sun was devoted to a wire photo of the late, great, but not-at-all-local Johnny Carson, I knew there was not a whole lot of commitment to local news at the Paxton-$un.

And it's clear that, despite assurances of commitment to our local needs, the paper doesn't give a sh*t about their website being a valuable took for local residents. To wit: When Andrew Dalzell, whose confession to the murder of Carrboro's Deborah Key was ruled inadmissable, was sprung from jail yesterday the Herald-Sun did not update its website. The N&O did so immediately, but the Herald-Sun did nothing on its website -- NOTHING.

Apparently, the need to keep the LOCAL public informed when an accused killer hits the LOCAL street is not in the Paxton-Sun's universe of "top stories."

Tick, tick, tick ... the countdown to the end of the Herald-Sun is under way. That story probably didn't make the website right away because the paper's management deludes itself still into thinking that holding it until it's in print will encourage (print) sales.

$tupid. $tupid. $tupid.

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Anonymous said...

And it will get worse as Paxton removes the last vestige of intelligence from The Herald-Sun. These people don't care about quality; they care only about stripmining the paper and sending the profits to Kentucky. Small minds, small newspaper.