Friday, January 28, 2005

Paxton-$un blows it again - local "news"

On today's front page (above the fold) of the Paxton-$un, we have a picture of ... undeveloped land. Gripping.

On the other side of the Triangle, the N&O offeres actual news. There's potential for an ice storm this weekend, for example. The Paxton-$un only offers "Chilly" in its front page glimpse into the forecast.

The family of Deborah Key has asked that she be ruled legally dead. That's an Orange County story, but with all due deference to the Chapel Hill Herald's beat, I don't feel too confident that the newly-released Andrew Dalzell is going to keep his aggressive tendencies within Orange County lines. It's a regional story. Still, if you were in Durham trusting and relying on the Paxton-$un, you would scarcely even know the guy was bounced out of jail on reduced bond, much less what's happening next in the story. If you were counting on their website to have the latest ... well, just forget it.

Speaking of being ruled dead, it seems to me there's a lot of interest in the small matter of a guy mistakenly being pronounced dead in Franklin County. The state's chief medical examiner, Dr. John Butts, is based at ... uh... UNC. Might he have some insights into what might have happened, how often such a mistake might occur, how it can be prevented ... stuff like that? Even the Paxton-$un can figure out that readers what to know how this works.