Saturday, April 02, 2005

Finally back to the Final Four

Put simply, wahoo ... Go Heels! The drought is over, the Heels are back.

Last week, I was at the NC Specialty Hospital as my son had knee surgery. Within spitting distance of Duke's East Campus, I wore my Carolina longsleeve T-Shirt ... it says simply "Carolina." I took some flack from the many Dookies on staff there, but now that we're playing and they're home, success is the best revenge.

So go get 'em Roy and no matter the outcome, it's been a great ride all year long.


Anonymous said...

Jean is having a roygasm!
& we thought she was daid!

Jean Bolduc said...

Right ... and if it lasts longer than the Final Four ... it's a medical emergency.

jw said...

Bundle Joy #2 had surgery on Friday. So, Jean, I'm with you on the playing Mommy thing. My concern was keeping him down during the game last night. It turned out to not be a problem. The Vicodin kept him down quite well.

Speedy recovery to you and yours.