Friday, April 29, 2005

White House reporters asking tough questions?!?!

I was thrilled to see a couple of reporters actually do their freakin' jobs and push back a little when their questions weren't answered. "But Mr. President, I was asking about religion in our political debate, not in society in general."

For those who watch these things closely, Bush's accepting and answering the handful of followups represents a serious change. Right after the election, he playfully but firmly gave the back of his hand to reporters trying to follow up on blustery answers. "I told you ... no followups" he'd say, shaking his finger, looking like Clinton denying relations with "that woman."

Thanks to bloggers, WH reporters (including the gay hooker) have been taking it in the shorts (ohhh, sorry) over their impotence in pressing this president. Lap dogs they're called -- deservedly so. They should be junkyard dogs -- hungry and ankle-biting. Can it be that some of the attributes of actual jounalism may see a revival? The answer is -- sure, if viewers want it.

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