Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Those who kneel also serve

The White House male hooker saga continues as it is revealed that gay prostitute "Jeff Gannon" was frequently signed into the White House on a day pass, but never signed out. Where are these sanctimonious Republicans on the issue of this guy getting into and moving around the West Wing without supervision or tracking?

On a Day Pass? (Maybe this is the real security application.)

That's the lowest (oohhh) form of security clearance for the White House press operation. Of course, it's more security clearance than New York Times Columnist (and Bush critic) Maureen Dowd can get. Bushie won't let her in, the scaredy cat that he is. She can wave her Pulizter all she wants, she has to watch briefings on TV ... as Scott McClellan throws the floor to the hooker. Go a-head, Jeff.

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