Saturday, August 09, 2008

The finger wag

Don't you hate summer re-runs?

This year it's the sequel to Bill & Monica ... John and that woman, Ms. Hunter. In Edwards' explanation, all we're missing is the finger wag --- he downplays "tabloid reporting" (hey, it's a tabloid story), he says that he's willing to participate in "any test" to prove he's not the father of this child ... but that he's only half of the test and he says that he did this, basically, because he could. Did he, like, just take that right out of Bill Clinton's book?

The whole thing makes me so sad, so angry. Most of all, it pisses me off that Elizabeth Edwards, the brains of the outfit and the courage in the family, won't be speaking at the Dems convention in Denver. Why the hell not? What did she do?

I hope that Obama finds a way to at least flash her picture up on the screen during the convention (highlighting women of courage in fighting breast cancer ... which killed his mother?) and give the crowd a chance to erupt in applause for her.

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