Thursday, February 09, 2006

North Carolinians ... dumb & dumber

The majority of North Carolinians think that Clinton's lying about sex with that woman is "more impeachable" than Bush's warrantless wiretapping of American citizens according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

This state didn't seem that backward when I moved here (during the Carter administration). Send help!

I'll show you mine ... then get suspended

Oh, Lord, lock us ALL up. Are we trying to create a world in whcih adults cannot make any decisions and children are so sanitized that they don't learn how to be human? Here we have a first-grader suspended for sex harassment and thank God his mother is angry enough to sue the stupid school district.

Whether it's insulting judges with sentencing guidelines or this kind of "zero tolerance" bullsh*t, there is this inclination to fix one bad case of bad (or no) judgment with the solution of it's-not-up-to-you-to-decide.

Take me away, Judge. I played show and tell with a little boy down the street when I was about 6 or 7. As long as we're confessing, I ate some paste in third grade, too.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Funeral for a Queen (King)

It was a great funeral. It was uplifting. It was political.
When one has lived a life of world-changing political action, yes, there were eulogies that contain a political slap or two. And the weiners on the right would like to make these statements out to be political grandstanding. Just one problem -- look at who said what.

First, we have Jimmy Carter, who is running for nothing. He's too busy being the most productive ex-president in the history of the world. He talked about illegal wiretapping suffered my Coretta Scott King and her husband. The guilty heart of today think that's a Bush-bash, but the offenses referred to were committed by two Democrat presidents (Kennedy & Johnson).

Then, we have Bill Clinton. His message was to remind everyone (including those who had made references to Iraq) that a flesh-and-blood woman lay before them -- somebody's mom, a human being. And he stood there, a rich, once-powerful and influential white man and he lectured the African American attendees in an African American church that they needed to dig into their pockets and help pay for the King Center in Atlanta, in order to keep it for their own.

And he was applauded for this.

Sure, he had some fun with the coy game of his being pleased to be there with the past presidents, his current president ... and ... and now Hillary. As in her political life, she was saddled with the burden of following the most naturally gifted politician and extemporaneous speaker in the modern era. She was dwarfed, but the crowd was quick to forgive. She'll quickly step away from that shadow.

It was a fine funeral. Maya Angelou was wonderful - "I mean that I want to see some peace somewhere. I mean that I want to see some honesty." I nearly wept at that alone.

Sorry to be away from blogging so long -- family emergency.