Saturday, April 08, 2006

McClellan gets points for difficulty

Who would want to be Scott McClellan? It's starting to look like explaining Dick Cheney's sharpshooting skills would be easier than being the White House spokesperson. This week, Scotty surely asked to be beamed up, when the news came that Scooter Libby's court documents point directly to the Prez himself in the Plame affair. If that's not bad enough, the "explanation" is that the president reserves the right to declassify virtually anything.

Okay. We'll now simply ask this question ... does he get to declassify anything for any reason? Cause it seems to me that declassifying Valerie Wilson's undercover status was a collosal screwup. That rarest of public servants, she was and expert in WMD, well-connected in the middle east and she worked in secret. Her family, friends (except for her husband) didn't realize what she did for a living. She's a patriot.

And now, she's retired. We lose her services because she was a necessary political casualty, according to George II. She had to be lost in order to discredit her husband (though the mere suggestion that she might have had a role in sending Joe Wilson to Niger --oink, oink). So, if George II decides that it will discredit a political enemy, he can offer up a CIA spy to the press - I think to six reporters in total -- most of which did nothing with the information.

Wouldn't you like to be risking your life for this president? Feeling a little chilly out there in the field, I'd have to think. What exactly will this guy have to do to get impeached? Murder in the public square?

And the house of representatives -- both sides of the aisle -- is no better and they sit and scratch themselves, trying to stay out of it. Didn't they also swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution?