Sunday, December 17, 2006

Congratulations, it's YOU

Wow. How do you feel? You're on the cover of Time magazine -- the person of the year. Your mom must be thrilled! I do have one question, though ...
I watch a fair amount of CNN, owned by Time Warner and therefore pretty incestuous in its hyping of the announcement of the Person of the Year. There have been many "featurettes" on various "nominees" for the recognition -- would it be the Iranian president? Would it be George Bush? Donald Rumsfeld?
But I never heard about the prospect of this ... stunt ... and come on -- it's a stunt. Want to recognize the guy who created YouTube? Want to make it Google? I'd be fine with that. But this is really, well, okay, incredibly clever maybe, but more likely it might tell us how incredibly tough the magazine business is these days -- and oh, BOY it really is. Take the word of this retired publisher!