Monday, December 09, 2013

Affording Care

I completed my enrollment via on Sunday afternoon (12/1). On Monday, BCBSNC generated a letter and payment coupon. On Tuesday, They mailed it. Today, (Thursday, Dec 5) I got it. When they process my payment, I should expect my welcome kit and insurance card. I'm guessing that'll take a week.

So, THAT happened.  

No screaming headlines, just the government doing what it promised, the health insurance provider responding efficiently and now I can expect to be insured on New Year's day for LESS than I paid for my previous coverage.

Also, this ... the word "Obama" did not and will not appear anywhere on my  insurance materials, because the government is not providing my insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield is doing that.

The fact is, though, that without the Affordable Care Act I would have to remain as I am now - without health insurance (my COBRA has expired). So, for all my friends and relatives (and you know who you are) who berate the president and embrace the "repeal Obamacare" chant from the GOP citing nonsense about "the government takeover of healthcare", you can now continue expressing yourself knowing that you are advocating for me to be uninsured and unable to pay for my insulin and the many medicines I take daily to manage other conditions. Not that much of a stretch to call that a death panel, is it? 

If it sounds like I take it personally, I do. A misinformed electorate could cost me my life.

Finally, if you're inclined to tell me about young healthy people getting into the insurance pool, please save your breath. I know that, probably better than most people. I'm an insurance baby, born in Hartford, Connecticut. It's the family business. I'm grateful for the ACA. I mourn for people who have suffered and died due to its lack in the last 30 years. As a nation, we should be ashamed that this has taken so long.