Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Yes, it was once the battlecry of Doonesbury reacting to a Watergate-related verdict if I recall, but those wonderful words describe the first domino to fall in the re-writing of the Book of Iraq -- Dubyah's newest book of revelations.

The thing about Scooter and his boss (the Shooter) is their foolish, arrogant notion about controlling and spinning media. Even now, they're partly successful -- everyone's talking about the pardon vs. the sentence (not Scooter's wife, her quotable quote in response to the verdict -- "We'll fuck them"). The topic should rightly turn to the fact that now we have a proven case of liars and leakers who Bush said he'd rid the White House of if caught.

More important than all of that is the forming picture of a president who has lied his way into a disasterous war and has not the slightest apology for it.

Meanwhile, Lewis Libby gets a trip to prison with "Scooter" on his striped pajamas -- all because he was more loyal to his boss, Darth Vader, than to the American public.