Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bush's addiction

And let me just add ... In electing Bush, America traded a guy with a sex addiction for one with a gambling addiction. Safe to say that one was more costly than the other.

Look at Bush's conduct -- whenever he started losing, he doubled his bet. From Social Secuity to the so-called troup surge in Iraq. Like most gamblers, he doesn't understand the game he's playing from a statistical or scientific approach -- he thinks that winning has to do with his intestinal track -- does he feel lucky? They say don't play the cards, play the man across from you. All Bush came up with was craps.

You can stay in the casino a long time when you have your own Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Thankfully, not past eight years.

Obama's First Press Conference

If you missed my comment to Maureen Dowd's comment page (and I'm SURE you did!):

I had a dream last night ... it was that in his first press conference, Obama would look out over the White House press corps and see Maureen Dowd and smile. "Glad to see you back, Ms. Dowd," he'll say. Secondly, that he'd look down into the first row and say, "Helen Thomas, you get the first three questions and any followups you need. These youngsters can wait their turn."

I've dreamed of crazier stuff.
Have you noticed about our incoming president that he calls on reporters respectfully? He calls them by their surnames and their media affiliation? "Chuck Todd, NBC News," he says. Not like when Bush would call on David Gregory of NBC news --- "Stretch," he'd say, the nickname due to Gregory's height.

I cannot wait to hear Helen Thomas's first question for Obama. It will be no softball, I expect, but I'm just grateful that she's still pitching. When she finally did get to ask Bush a question or two, she peeled the bark off the guy. Asked him why, when all of his excuses for the Iraq war turned out to be wrong, why was he really so determined to invade that country. I stammered, he insisted that al Queda was too in Afghanistan, dammit. Yeah, but she was asking about Iraq, dumbass.

Will I miss having a guy with the nuclear codes who's a dumbass? Nope. Not even a little.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yes, they are dropouts

So, I'm sorry ... what?!
Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, has proven me wrong by giving birth to the latest unexpected Palin. Twig, Branch, whatever the poor kid's name is. Bristol's dear mother defends her darling daughter's having dropped out of high school to have her baby by declaring:

"You need to know that both Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time," the Alaska governor told the magazine in a phone message. "They are certainly not high school dropouts."

Yah. Actually the deal is that when you leave high school without a diploma, you have dropped out. If they get GEDs, they still did not graduate ... they got equivalency certificates. Look it up.

When I first went to college, I went for a semester and then stopped going. I got a job, I got married, I moved to another state, I worked for a few years, then I had my first child. But all the time, I was a college dropout. Years later when I took a single course at UNC, I didn't start calling myself a college student who was also working. I called myself a working person who was taking a college course.

And I was still a college dropout. I'm not now, but I was then. And my pay and lack of career opportunities reflected it.

Governor Dipsh*t, you fail (as usual) to grasp the more important question ... why must the GOVERNOR's daughter drop out of high school? Just because she's pregnant? Lots of girls stay in school and finish during and through a pregnancy. And they don't have a staff to assist in childcare and personal transportation. For heaven's sake, why in the WORLD have Levi's parents allowed him to dump high school and be a gopher for an electrician (apprentice ... yeah, right). And all the while the Washington press is wagging their never-tiring tongues about Palin's prospects for president in 2012.

Thankfully, this pinhead will only be busying herself with screwing up her own family and creating promotional video for the turkey industry. Please, America. Keep her out of the lower 48.