Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brilliant - get used to it

When Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Beschloss and other, lesser historians write about the earliest days of the Obama administration, they will use just one word (over and over again)about tomorrow's announcement of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State: Masterstroke.

Taking those you have defeated in a process no one would call easy and converting those individuals to not only campaign allies but key leaders in your administration takes a level of courage, conviction, vision and personal security that we have not seen in 50 years. But ya know what? We're gonna have to adjust, because this kind of thing is going to be the rule, not the exception under President Obama.

Recall those chilling words from Ted Kennedy's eulogy of his brother, Bobby -- about looking at things and asking "why?" and how Bobby looked at things that never were and asked "Why not?"

This is no political maneuver. This is not stunt casting. It will bring the standard of political unity to a level where dummies cannot play -- where your intellect can overwhelm your competitiveness -- where the need of the country trumps your need to score points against any opponent. Most politicians cannot play in this sandbox. They're just not smart enough, haven't read enough, they can't see the horizon. Too many are just plain stuck on stupid.

But not Hillary. She has overcome an enormous burden (her husband's history) to live her own story, find her own voice and subsequently prove that, in fact, it really is Hillary who is the superior politician in the family.

I sleep better these days. The smart kids are about to take over the class again. I'm good with that.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The night post election

Now it's the night post election
and all through the land
it seems that our history's
taken us by the hand

To say "now be brave
and -- to doubt -- don't you listen."
We all watch Obama
our eyes start to glisten

Can this be for real?
have we lept passed the past?
Have we become like real grownups?

Not quite, says Barack,
we've just now begun
to get to this peak
may render us weak
The climb will be tough
and it's barely begun

This is one big step, but still only one
As the mountaintop calls us,
we now can ascend
It is each other on which we'll depend
And then all the world will see once again
at REAL America -- worth dying to defend.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The night before election

T'was the night 'fore election
and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
'cept the click of a mouse.

The yard signs displayed
all the candidates there
To air the debate
in our public square.

The children all sleeping
'cause it's 3 a.m.
Just their parents are worried
'bout election mayhem

With Papa - oh, the maverick
and his sidekick, Ms. Wink
Thinking of their election
Could drive you to drink

But then, on TV, there arose such a clatter
I sprung from my LazyBoy to see ... what's the matter?
And what to my wandering eye should appear?
It's Barack and Michelle and their children, so dear

We're a family, they said, just like you and yours
and lifting you up is all in our plan
So sleep tight and have faith
then go vote -- Yes We Can.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

President Obama will transform us

My boss is African American. I am Caucasian. During our regular one-on-one meetings, we sometimes veer into talking politics. We've discussed, over the last two years, the dramatic change that a President Obama would bring. My line for him was then (and is now) that the best thing about Barack Obama - the very particular thing that will send his presidency into its own category - "he's as much mine as he is yours."

My beloved Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, completely nailed it when he asked Obama recently if he was worried about the "Bradley effect" -- the prospect of white voters lying to pollsters about how they will or did vote. Obama rightly dismissed the notion. Why shouldn't he? After 50 primaries and no sign of the phenomenon, it should be long-ago rendered to history.

Oh, no, Stewart asked again. But Senator, since you mother was white, aren't you worried that you may get in the voting booth and vote for McCain out of fear?

Cut to Obama, with his right hand trying to restrain the crazed action of his left. Is there something funnier than this?


How the markets will soar next week, brimming with the confidence that America has stepped away from the ugliness of the Bush-Rove-divide-and-conquer era. That crap that debases us all. And perhaps most impressive is that Howard Dean's 50 state campaign approach has DELIVERED. Forget this nonsense about only winning the big states ... the coasts and urban centers. Obama's model is tectonic ... in fundraising, in organization ... in sheer style.

So, I'm jazzed. Very, very jazzed. I'm relieved. I'm so thrilled to see what blogging has done to provide the fact-checking and anti-bullshit meter that the conventional media failed to provide in 2000 and 2004. We NEVER should have invaded Iraq. We NEVER should have engaged in the outrageous and illegal activities of rendition, torture, wiretapping of Americans and politicizing the justice department. This darkness is nearly done.

Let the wattage begin.