Monday, February 12, 2007

Trial and Error

Are you enjoying the Veggie Trial? You know, it says LibbyLibbyLibby on the labellabellabel.'

This guy's defense makes O.J. Simpson look organized. He was busy. He was forgetful, but he did remember that Tim Russert told him that Plame was a CIA agent. Trouble is, according to Russert's testimony, he'd never heard of Plame on the day that LibbyLibbyLibby says he heard it from Russert.

Yada Yada. We've heard what we need to about all of this -- that the Vice President, by the sheer volume of meetings and many conversations on this topic, was obsessed with media perception of himself. More important, he was obsessed with having it discovered that he personally injected those 16 words about nuclear development into the State of the Union. And he thought he was so freakin' crafty by having the President of the United States make his case for war based on what "British Intelligence [had] discovered ..."

Am I the only American who choked on that when it came out of Bush's mouth? Why in the world would the President of my country think that this would be a basis for action? If it's so scary and certain, why isn't he citing our own intelligence? The big red flag went up fo r me that night -- at that very moment, yet Congress sat with its fingers crossed, held its nose and voted to authorize a war that was CERTAIN to be Bush's first alternative ... and Cheney's too.

This is treason, plain and simple. To sell out the interests of our country in what was clearly a move that has benefitted only big oil and Haliburton, the bad guys have sold us completely out.

I'm starting to wish I'd voted for Nader.